Canford Summer School of Music is Now Entering its Second Half-Century

Canford Summer School of Music is now entering its second half-century, its reputation never higher, its programming never wider and the demand for places never greater.

Just over ten years ago we made the milestone decision to add an extra week. At that time it was an act of faith, a leap in the dark almost; the response from you was magnificent and goes on being magnificent. How a fortnight was ever sufficient I shall never know. Now our challenge is to find room for everything even in three weeks.

As always the answer lies in a blend of innovation and fine-tuning. One development is the Sinfonietta for which we are delighted to secure the dynamic director André de Ridder. Expanded instrumentation gives opportunities for players to explore extended repertoire.

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We also welcome fresh faces to the String Chamber and Choral courses giving an exciting impetus to those old favourites. The new look brass band and Sibelius computer music-setting courses for 2001 exceeded everyone’s expectations; we are sure competition for places on these courses will be keen so please apply early. Please make a note of our new starting day, Saturday not Sunday; it should help everyone with Sunday transport problems and give us all a day off before moving back into the real world!

It’s not all change though; with its blend of stimulating music making and the tranquil beauty of its magical setting and historic buildings, Canford is still the place that offers maximum enjoyment for committed music makers of every ability which puts the spring back in even the weariest step. Load more

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