Browne Pays New Year Tribute to the “Unsung Heroes” at Musgrove Park Hospital

Browne pays New Year tribute to the “Unsung Heroes” at Musgrove Park Hospital

Jeremy stood in line with the hospitals porters holding their certificates. In the background is a porter sat in fork-lift truck.

Jeremy Browne MP presents porters at Musgrove Park hospital with their certificates of achievement.
Taunton constituency MP Jeremy Browne has paid tribute to the “unsung heroes” who work at Musgrove Park Hospital. His comments came after Jeremy Browne presented certificates to hospital porters and met other support staff. Despite the well-publicised difficulties facing the NHS, Jeremy Browne also believes there is plenty to be positive about at Musgrove Park in 2007.

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Jeremy Browne said:

“The residents of Taunton Deane are right to cherish Musgrove Park because it is a huge asset for our community.

“There have been some well-publicised problems in the NHS, including the budget deficit at Musgrove Park which caused a £6.5 million shortfall. The decision to close Alfred Morris House understandably upset many people and the delays to the Cancer Centre have been hugely frustrating.

“But these problems should not detract from the fantastic overall work done at Musgrove Park.

“There are thousands of people working at the hospital and they all make a valuable contribution. I have seen the remarkable skills of the consultant surgeons and admired the dedication of the nursing staff. Behind the scenes there are also many porters, cleaners, receptionists, secretaries and other employees who are often the unsung heroes at Musgrove Park and are vital to the success of the hospital.

“The planned new developments at Musgrove Park are a positive sign for the future and thousands of local people will benefit from the treatment and care they receive at the hospital. Read more

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