Best Computer Mouse 2017

10 Apr

Best Computer Mouse 2017

A computer mouse has become an indispensable input device for desktop computers. Even with a laptop’s track pad, the use of a mouse makes a noticeable difference in comfort and efficiency. So if you’re in the market for one, this list of best computer mouse 2017 may help you find what model suits you well.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

You’ve heard it right, Apple is not only in the market producing expensive smart phones. It also produces pricey computer mice with innovative features. This model has a Bluetooth interface and a fashionable physical design.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

A good pick when you don’t really want to concern yourself with the technical specs and just want what a regular computer mouse is supposed to do. This one is cheap, comfortable to use, and basic in to operate.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

This one automatically says it was built for the computer gaming community. Available if multiple colors and cool lighting effects. This one has an appeal specifically for gamers.

Asus ROG Gladius II

Features 6 buttons with a USB interface. This model is quite expensive to opt for. It was made with ambidextrous functionality and customizable RGB lighting.

Logitech Triathlon M270

It has a Bluetooth interface but not really quick on receiving your input commands compared to the ones on this list. But it does have a long battery life. Built for regular everyday office use.

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Uses a USB interface with 5 buttons. It’s affordable and the type of mouse you’d want to have to stay frugal. It lacks the cool features like most computer mouse on this list but it’s design prevents repetitive strain injuries.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

Has a relatively high DPI than the average computer mouse but not suitable for gaming. It has a Bluetooth interface with 2.4GHz wireless connection. Built specially for people that like to travel a lot. Has a long battery life and can be fully charged within less than 5 minutes.

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Adding to the list is a short guide in determining which mouse to opt for. Hopefully these criteria may help point out the right mouse for you:

Purpose of Buying a Mouse

There’s no need for you to opt for a mouse with high DPI when you’re just going to use it to browse the internet or do office work. Those models are best reserved for gaming purposes unless you don’t mind the added expense.

Price and Functionality

All mouse serve the basic function of inputting command information to your computer. However, it’s the minor added features that make each model special in their own way. Some mouse are customizable to accommodate more user preference. Some mouse are designed well for travel.


Buying a durable computer mouse from a reputable brand, though expensive, can be a form of investment. When you consider the possibility of early replacement because you bought a cheap mouse, which would only entail additional costs you could’ve saved yourself from in the first place.

Hopefully the list of computer mouse models in 2017 has helped you decide what type of mouse to opt for. Discover more ..…

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