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Travel Abroad: Seeing the Sights of Canada

July 28, 2017 • 3D

Because it borders the United States, the largest portion of Canada’s tourists are American. Some of the most popular destinations include participating in the Spring Festivals in British Columbia, including the festivals in Nova Scotia and Okanagan Valley. More popular festivals include the Ottawa Festival of Spring and the Calgary Exhibition. The Niagara Grape and Wine Festival is also popular.

Flying to Canada isn’t easy and its likely to be a long flight from even the closest destinations. Weather conditions can add to this time and delays. We recommend you grab a best travel pillow for airplanes so you can sleep on the plane easily and comfortably.

Speaking of Niagara Falls, the City of Toronto plays host to the Canadian component of this world-famous geographic feature, which is commonly called the Horseshoe Falls by Canadians. For a picturesque sight that no visitor to Toronto should miss, visit Georgian Bay, with its row of pine-filled islands over the waterscape.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Ontario features more than 200 provincial parks, including Algonquin Park. Another popular spot is the Quetico Provincial Park, Lake Superior, and the Polar Bear Park in Hudson Bay.

Snow-capped Mount Begbie is also a sight to behold, located in British Columbia. It’s inside Mount Revelstoke National Park, filled with the lush green forests that Canada is famous for. British Columbia is the travel destination of choice in Canada for hiking, fishing, canoing, and other outdoor activities.

Another great place to visit is Quebec, which is Algonquian for “a place where the river narrows.” This province hosts famous destinations such as the French-style hotel Chateau Frontenac, near Tadoussac, where whales congregate near the mouth of he Saguenay Fjord. Many fishing villages around New Brunswick and Concepcion Bay offer great fishing along coastal inlets. For the best in musical entertainment in this, Canada’s “French Quarter,” visit Newfoundland, which also boasts some of the finest landscapes in the country. It is home to Gros Morne National Park.

In Banff National Park is Lake Louise, whose waters are the main attraction in Alberta. Filled with glacial waters, the lake reflects the stunning Rock Mountain forests that surround it, making for a picturesque site to behold and a landscape/nature painter’s dream.

In between British Columbia and Alaska is the Yukon Territory, famous for mining. Home to gold-rush-era towns like Dawson, which feature variety shows such as Gaslight Follies in the Palace Grand Theater along with other historical attractions.

South of there is the Quill Creek, flowing from the Saint Elias Mountains (where the highest peaks in Canada can be found). Surrounding is the Kluane National Park and Reserve, which includes Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan, plus many glaciers and ice fields.

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